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Malaysia's Covid-19 Vaccine Portfolio

As of February 2021, Malaysia has secured 66.7 million doeses of Covid-19 vaccines through COVAX Facility and purchases from five vaccine manufacturers. Among all five vaccine manufacturers, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has required conditional approval from the Drug Control Authority (DCA) and the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) as on 8th January 2021. The remaining four Covid-19 vaccine candidates are still in pending approval list from NPRA. The supply of vaccines from these five vaccines suppliers will be received accordingly in stages in Malaysia starting February 2021, as of NPRA approval.

Supply of Covid19 vaccines Malaysia's acquired

Logo Vaccine Types of vaccines Manufacturer's country Number of doses Efficacy Storage temperature Number of doses (Million) % of populations Countries that have used the vaccine
Pfizer mRNA United States of America 2 95% -75°C 32 50% United States of America (USA), America, Singapore, United Kingdom (UK), Canaa, Mexico, Switzerland and the European Union
AstraZeneca Viral vector United Kingdom 2 62%-90% 2-8°C 12.8 20% United Kingdom (UK), South Africa, Ukraine, Brazil, European Union, Canada, India
Sinovac Inactivated virus China 2 50.4%-91.25% 2-8°C 12 18.75% China, Indonesia, Turkey, Chile, Hong Kong, Brazil, Cambodia
CanSinoBIO Viral vector China 1 65.7% 2-8°C 3.5 10.9% China, Mexico, Paksitan
S:putnik V Viral vector Russia 2 91.6% -20°C 6.4 10% Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Belarus


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